Grand Cru 40 Rubbie CAN

A field of herbs with lots of wild chicory and aromatic hedges surrounding.

Enveloping herbaceous and rocket aromas that then change into aromatic herbs and wildflowers with notes of black pepper.

A sweet bitterness immediately cleans the palate, followed by spicy undertones before flavors of almond, artichoke, rocket and fig leaf are released and fill the mouth.

The flavors will remain in the mouth with a spiciness that slowly fades like autumn leaves slowly falling from the trees.

The aromas are reminiscent of Juliet’s (Olivia Hussey) dance to the sound of Renaissance music with Romeo (Leonard Whiting) in Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet“.

22,88255,84 (iva incl.)

Package type Vol (ml) Price per bottle (€) No. of bottles per box Price per box (€)
Bottle 250 16 6 96
Bottle 500 29 6 174



Company-owned crusher that is designed and assembled by a company with the best machinery. Mechanical Extraction


COLOR: Deep green

SMELL: On the nose, there are complex aromas that follow one another, from grass to almond. It remains harmoniously on the palate with a fruity vegetable that reinforces the personality of this oil in the mouth.

TASTE: In the aftertaste, the aroma of aromatic herbs can be felt towards the end.

Its recommended use Pairings: Polenta with meat sauce, cod in stew, Cacciucco alla Livornese, lentil puree, spun curd cheeses.

Organoleptic characteristics
Color: Deep Green.
On the nose, it expresses itself with elegance, rich in “green” scents reminiscent of almond, grass clippings and Granny Smith apples.
Balanced in the mouth it has herbaceous vegetal tones, rocket and peas.
Bitter and spicy are well expressed and balanced.
Where it is produced
This oil is produced from monoculture oils from Caninese variety olive trees that are grown in a small olive grove, located on the farm owned in Spinicci locality of Arlena di Castro (Viterbo). This oil comes from 75 olive trees over 60 years old. This plot is slightly sloping with the olive trees aligned from west to east and facing east.
The soil is of volcanic origin and is particularly fertile, the pH is neutral and the cultivation layer is sandy-clayey not to mention, there is also a tufaceous outcrop with a limited extension.
Altitude: m 218 above sea level
Satellite coordinates: 42,4547 N 11,8000 E
analytical features
Name: Grand Cru 40 Rubbie CAN
Variety: Caninese
Harvest Date: 11-12/10/2022
Quantity produced: 270,1 L
Polyphenols (mg/kg): 524
Peroxides (meq 02/kg): 3
Acidity (g oleic acid/100 g): 0,17
K232: 1,75
K268: 0,133
DELTA K: -0,007

6 bottles box, Single bottle

Bottle size

250 ml, 500 ml






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