Letter to clients 2020

Canino, 18th of November 2020

We are living in troubled times, so I hope that this finds you well.

I am writing you, our important clients, to inform you about the trends this season which now sees us at the advanced stages of the 2020 harvest and production campaign.

The season started very well. As this is a “charging year” (the annual alternation of either a little or a lot of production), as well as a positive fruit set consequently, we had a large number of olives on the trees.

The climate of 2020 was exceptional. We had a long drought and high temperatures after an abundant and positive spring rains, and this gave us hope for a reduction in the olive fruit fly. Usually this is accompanied by intense aromas and flavors, typical of when due to scarcity of water, fewer water-soluble compounds are lost.

Unfortunately, in the second half of September we had a few days of intense cold (temperatures below 7 degrees for the whole day), which is completely unusual. (One does not remember in his living memory a time such as this). After the cold arrived it was accompanied by two weeks of continuous torrential rain.

This meteorological situation has brought some important effects:

  1. Strong heat first and the cold afterwards practically eliminated the olive fruit fly with the result being we had no fly damage.
  2. The intense hot and cold and intense rain alternation has probably altered the biological cycle of the plants. The result was the appearance of the unusual aromas and flavors (at least with that intensity) in our varieties. This is probably due to modifications of the lipoxygenase pathway (the main of the complex natural enzymatic processes that extract from cell vacuoles). For example, this year the citrus notes are important, very pleasant, and interesting. It also slowed down the ripening and veraison process.
  3. The rains have swollen the olives with water and especially for the early varieties there are more delicate aromas.

The overall result are oils from early varieties (Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Pendolino, Rosciola) are with delicate aromas and interesting notes. On the other hand, for the Caninese, we have strong characterization and excellent aromas. Some Crus such as Morone has given us strong characters that when tasted remind us of the entry of a precise and sharp sword.

Our opinion is that this will be a memorable season full of interesting and fascinating variations from the “normal” organoleptic profiles of our cultivars.

As I have mentioned previously, there are in fact more frequent citrus notes and the flavors are complex and embracing. Obviously, an attentive observer recognizes the typical characteristics of their cultivars in all our Crus but can also identify a variation with different tones and voices.

Seasons like this make us understand the correctness of our motto:

The variety and variability of olive oil in purity.

Above all, for all those who appreciate these infinite touches of nature and of millinery artistry and that can provide the creative chef with a grand palette of colors with which to “paint” dishes that differ according to the moment and mood of the chef and the diner.

The kitchen, especially a great kitchen is like performance art; it is valid in this instance and therefore gives real pleasure of knowing how to love in the single moment.

This is our mission. Part by choice and part because “we make oil” in the magical triangle of the Etruria, formed by the three most important (Vulci, Tarquinia and Tuscania), where it was born thanks also to Greek and Western civilization well before Rome. Even in those times people knew how to enjoy life and even the olive oil was made with variety. The Caninese also has been depicted on the Tarquinia frescoes which is extremely important for our territory and for our land.

I invite you to visit us here at I&P, where we will be happy to personally welcome you. Come to visit the mill and some of our olive groves and showcase to you all our oils.


Yours Sincerely,

Paolo Borzatta

Executive President and Founder

Azienda Agricola Ione Zobbi