Letter to clients 2019

Canino 5th of November 2019

Dear clients, pass, present and the future,

I hope that the experience with our oils has satisfied you and given you pleasure.

I am writing to you all, not to inconvenience you but to tell you about the project we are moving forward with; the high-quality extra virgin oil and our 2019-2020 campaign. In these days we are harvesting the olives of the 2019 season. The weather this season was very good, and we have olives of exceptional quality albeit in lesser quantities than last year. The oils we have gotten are excellent and will probably be the best in the recent years.

This quality is the result of our continuous commitment to excellence and improvement in a continuous search for perfection, which as we know, is always one step ahead. In the last year I&P has modified the system based on our research to obtain even more aromas and even more harmony in our oils. I think that here we are among the few who try to understand how the terroir (locations, soil, microclimate, context) influences the aromas and flavors of an extra virgin olive oil. Among other things we are the only mill in the world that produces single particle extra virgin olive oils or oils from individual olive groves. Our Caninese collection attests to this: six oils of the same Caninese variety, from 6 different olive groves.

As you know, our oils are much more expensive than industrial ones and this is because the artisanal oils have a quantity of work. The selection of olives we have is unable to be compared to that of the other industrial oils found in normal markets. We harvest our olives very early to have better aromas and to process them at a lower temperature; this unfortunately means that the quantities are very low. Additionally, we focus a lot of care and attention on the collection and transportation ensuring that the olives are crushed within 4 hours of harvesting. This guarantees we have exceptionally high quality but also a much higher cost. Oils that are made in this way have a high content of polyphenols, which, as you aware, have great beneficial properties for our health being they are formidable antioxidants.

The qualitative characteristics of our extra virgin olive oils, their varieties (11 mono-varietals and a cuvèe) and their rigorous transparency of the terroir of origin, make them dedicated to those passionate about taste, and to those connoisseurs who have a high ability to distinguish very high quality food.

I&P oils are produced in the center of Tuscia, the region that has extended for over 20 years from La Spezia to Fregene and from the sea to Perugia. At the intersection of modern Lazio lies Tuscany and Umbria which represents an area of birth and development of the Etruscans civilization, with its values of joy and passion for the pleasures of life which then fertilized the civilization of Rome. As shown in their frescoes, the Etruscans used the Caninese variety olive tree to produce their olive oil.

I am extremely proud to inform you this philosophy of ours has permitted us to build a small company that has a positive influence on our territory in Tuscia. We have created skilled jobs that excite employees by preventing young people from fleeing the country and stabilizing and qualifying immigrants. This strict organic orientation allows us to help preserve the integrity of the environment.

The Corona Maestro d’Olio at Extralucca 2019, the Gold Expo 2019 and the Gold Drip 2019 of Monocultivaroliveoil 2019, the inclusion among the 226 companies with a score greater than 90 among the 500 best companies in the world of FLOS Olei 2020, the 5 Gocce di Bibenda 2019, the 3 leaves of Oli d’Italia in Gambero Rosso and the maximum recognition of Grande Olio by Guide 2019 for Slow Food Oil for our two oils. This confirms to us that we are on the right path towards excellence of those seeking perfection.


I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit us here at I&P, where we will be happy to show you our mill, the surrounding groves and where you can come to taste our oils.

I hope I’ll have to opportunity to meet you in personally.

Yours Sincerely,

Paolo Borzatta

Chief Executive Officer