Why our services

Here at the I&P company are convinced that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an exceptional and fundamental part of a great cuisine.

Its infinite variety of aromas and flavor are due to the great availability in Italy in which over 520 cultivars are grown in different soils and environments, that range from the North of Trentino to the South of Pantelleria. This infinitely multiplies the ‘palette of aromas and flavors’ available to passionate chefs which gives furnishes exceptionality and perfection to their dishes.

We are also convinced that EVOO is an essential component of contemporary cuisine of the highest level and not just a simple ingredient. In some cases, it could indeed be considered as the pivot of avant-garde cuisine and its menu, in the sense that it’s specifically around certain oils that exceptional dishes and menus can be built.

It’s a bit like when a chef has exceptional raw materials at his disposal (a very fresh and fish, a truffle with an exceptional aroma, an excellent cut of meat, special fruit, etc.) and “builds” the dish around that component to make the most of it.

However, it is a very complex and delicate product and in order to fully appreciate it you need to know it, know how to distinguish it, know how to keep it and know how to use it and combine it with foods and dishes.

For this reason, we have developed some services to help those who know very little about the EVOO. The object is to get to know it better, to appreciate it and use it better.

This is a short 120-minute course at our olive mill. There will be an engaging lesson on extra virgin olive oil followed by a guided tasting of three monovarietal oils from our production.

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After the lesson referred to in Point A, we will proceed (with your own car, followed by the company Jeep) to a tour of our 4 olive groves. During the tour there will be a lesson on the olive tree cultivation.  At the end, in our farmhouse on the highest olive grove we will offer an aperitif with natural wines and cheeses from the Alta Tuscia Viterbese and tastings with 3 oils with bruschetta.

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This is a cooking class with dinner (or lunch) at our company’s headquarters. The class will be 4 hours complete with a tasting. The cooking lesson will focus on the use of EVOO in high-level cuisine. At the end of the lesson, we will eat together with the chef enjoying some of the prepared dishes. The total duration with be around 8 hours.

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This is a day spent in the olive grove picking the olive and observing the pressing procedures. We will give the participants an explanation of how high level EVOO is produced as well as a tasting with some of our oils.

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