Annual letter to the clients 2022

Canino, January 10th 2023

We live in troubled times, and I hope to find you well.

I am writing to you, as our important “friend,” to inform you about the progress of the 2022 season that we have just finished.

The year 2022 was shaping up to be a “charge year,” and the flowering in April was extraordinary. Then unfortunately, the great spring drought reduced fruit set (i.e., the transformation of the flower into fruit) because pollination was more difficult. This resulted in reduced quantities compared to expectations.

On the other hand, as far as quality is concerned, fortunately for us the summer and fall seasons were very positive and we thus obtained very delicate and sometimes surprising aromas. This allowed us to create an authentic collection of different EVO with strong elegant and veridical personalities as summarized in the maps (according to bitterness and intensity) and in the following table.

Our opinion is that this will be a season of the highest level with some special characteristics always in the sign of elegance.

We are therefore increasingly convinced that-as our motto says.

We transform flavors into living pleasure

Our oils allow us to create dishes of great refinement and distinctiveness, thus confirming that cooking and especially great cooking is performance art: it is worth in that instant and thus gives the true pleasure of knowing how to live the single moment.

This is our mission, partly by choice and partly because we “make oil” precisely in the magic triangle of Etruria, formed by the three most important Etruscan capitals (Vulci, Tarquinia and Tuscania). This is where in fact Western civilization was born, thanks in part to Greek fertilization and well before Rome. Where even then people knew how to enjoy life and they were already making olive oil from precisely that variety, the Caninese, which is also depicted on the frescoes of Tarquinia and which is today the most important for our territory and our farm.

For all these reasons we believe that each of our customers should have two or three (or more) oils from our collection, in order to be able to create the different dishes of the highest value that they desire. For this use the amount to be used is small. As an everyday oil you can instead use our Cru dei Cru blend, which is designed to be an omnibus oil, but with remarkable characteristics.

I invite you to visit us at the farm where we will be happy to welcome you personally, give you a tour of the mill and some of our olive groves and introduce you to all our oils.

Warmest Regards, 

Paolo Borzatta

Executive Chairman and Founder


Giulio De Metrio

Chief Executive Officer