Extra virgin olive oil and its creative power in the kitchen


From the living room of the I&P House

Are you too searching for the Holy Grail of our times: creativity?

We all often look for it, but we don’t always find it.

We also look for it in the kitchen, to make a good impression with friends or partners.

Great chefs seek it often, and when they find it, it allows them to take the famous stars or at least a brilliant reputation with relative attractiveness of customers.

And it is not only a matter of notoriety, but more profoundly, of giving the diner that emotional, sometimes spiritual and perhaps even philosophical satisfaction; that is after all the underlying goal of every great chef.

Well: there is a catalyst, a tool for triggering creativity in the kitchen that is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in its highest expressions and that few have so far understood.

In fact, great EVOOs, especially monovarietals, with their infinite variations have the ability, in cooking and finishing to give dishes invisible elements of refinement and appeal that significantly distinguish them.

This is why great chefs, knowing the effect they can give use them for inspiration, to come up with variations, to distinguish their dish, their creation from others like it.

This is what we will talk about in the coming weeks, at I&P’s home, with some great chefs who have understood the creative power of the highest quality extra virgin.

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